Steel Line

About Us

Steel Line is a stainless steel and special metals fabricator with manufacturing facilities in Sheffield, UK, a city renowned worldwide for its heritage and expertise in the production and manufacture of steel products.

The company was established in 1979 making handrails for yachts, motorboats and buses. As the business evolved we added new products to our manufacturing range including swimming pool equipment, handrails and balustrades, entrance canopies, public realm furniture, autopsy & dissection tables, slides & bespoke features for playgrounds.

Changes to the business in 2001 saw Steel Line transfer ownership to key management personnel who now own the company and actively work in it. Our main objective is first class customer service. Every client is assured that in any matters relating to sales, technical, production or delivery they will be speaking to one of the company’s owners who have a vested interest in ensuring the customer receives a first class response.

In March 2016 Steel Line purchased a new manufacturing facility. This will expand production space by over 40%. This enables the company to meet the growing demand for its products in the UK and internationally.

Steel Line has invested in an extensive range of metalworking equipment, to the point that the only sub-contracted process is laser cutting. All manufacture takes place in our factory – including metal preparation, welding and final polishing in various grades.

A summary of the company’s product ranges is as follows:-

Public Realm furniture: Bollards, bicycle stands, litterbins, seats, benches, tree guards and grilles, sign posts.
Materials: stainless steel, brass, bronze and wood.

Autopsy Dissection Tables: Downdraught tables for post mortem, pathological dissection perfusion, necropsy, preparation and surgery.
Material: stainless steel.

Construction Industry Fabrications: Handrails, balustrades and entrance canopies.
Materials: stainless steel and brass.

Swimming Pool: Starting blocks, turning boards and brackets, backstroke warning and false start sets, ladders including disabled persons access, lifeguard chair, lane ropes and all other stainless steel metalwork needed in a leisure centre.
Material: stainless steel.

Play Equipment: Playground and embankment slides in many designs, sand pit enclosures, play huts and any other architect designed features required.
Materials: stainless steel, mild steel painted.

Engineering: Bespoke client designs for tubular and sheet metal fabricated products.
Materials: stainless steel, brass and bronze.